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momox fashion case study

The Future of Online Fashion Shopping: Innovation and sustainability hand in hand


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  • users who actively engaged with the tool
  • 50%-50% randomised split test

Fashion with a Conscience: Meet momox fashion

As the fashion industry becomes more and more associated with its negative environmental impact, momox fashion is a true breath of fresh air. Relying on sustainable practices and budget-friendly fashion, this German second-hand retailer is paving the way for the future of online fashion shopping. Living out their commitment to the principles of the circular economy, momox fashion aims to bring top-tier secondhand clothing to fashion enthusiasts all over Europe.

They offer a dual benefit to customers: cost-effective clothing options and a significant reduction in the environmental footprint of the fashion industry. The testament to the value and sustainability offered by momox fashion is the fact that over 2000 brands have offered over a million products to approximately 800k returning buyers.

Addressing the Digital Closet Challenge

momox fashion's business model is unique and appealing, with its vast catalog providing a diverse range of options for customers. This extensive assortment is an emblem of the variety they offer. However, such a large catalog can potentially lead to a paradox of choice — with so many options, customers may find decision-making challenging.

This didn't daunt momox fashion; rather, it highlighted an area for enhancement. They recognized the need for an intuitive tool that could help navigate this abundance without overwhelming their resources. The aim was to streamline the shopping experience while maintaining operational efficiency.


Adopting Miros' innovative solution is more than problem-solving for us. It's a strategic step that shows our commitment to a cutting-edge shopping experience that transforms our business.

Senior Business Development Manager of momox fashion

Selim Yürgüc


The Key to an Intuitive Shopping Experience

Step in Miros, the revolutionary Wordless Search solution. Miros’ impressive AI capability started identifying momox fashion’s shopper behaviors and started presenting them with precise products they were considering, completely changing the shopping experience to feel as if their thoughts were being read.

The process of incorporating Miros into momox fashion's platform was straightforward and efficient. With a simple two-step process, momox fashion enhanced their existing text and visual search capabilities, enabling customers to experience an elevated way of shopping within days, not months.

This simple integration and the positive transformation of the shopping experience created by Miros, aligned momox fashion’s UI and UX with modern customer expectations, leading to significant improvements of the bottom line and more importantly - of the customer satisfaction.


The implementation of Miros' Wordless Search tool offered a new dimension to the online shopping experience at momox fashion. Especially among users who interacted with the tool, momox fashion noticed a palpable positive shift.

With the introduction of this tool, momox fashion witnessed an enhancement in customer engagement and loyalty. Among the active users, we observed a noticeable uplift in the Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV), Average Order Value (AOV), and Average Revenue per User (ARPU), with increases ranging from 10% to 19%. To emphasize - these uplifts specifically pertain to users who actively engaged with the tool.

The collaboration with Miros has truly empowered momox fashion to offer a more intuitive shopping experience for their customers, especially for those who actively used the tool, further enhancing their competitive advantage in the online fashion retail sector.


Wordless Search

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Wordless Search is an AI technology that relies on shopper behavior. It recognizes browsing patterns based on which it mirrors the buying intent your shopper has, without them having to input a single word. It gives off the impression that their minds are being read.

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