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case study

Second-hand retailer uses wordless search to revolutionize their shopping experience


Beyond words







Conversion rate


  • 140K unique visitors
  • 50%-50% randomised split test

Saving the planet - one item at a time

Swap.com’s core mission has always been to reduce the environmental impact of apparel. They make high quality secondhand clothing easily accessible to the mass consumer US market, instead of disposing of them.

Two main drivers for their customers’ buying decisions have always been both value consciousness and price consciousness. Swap.com allows them to exercise both, while still keeping the environmental impact minimal.

Gray King, swap.com CEO: “I've always said that saving two Louis Vuitton handbags from the landfill doesn't change the environmental impact, but taking every Gap shirt out of circulation and making sure that it's getting a lot of use before we buy a new one, that has a real impact.”

Challenge: diluted focus

From the first day, similar to the rest of the industry, the biggest challenge the company faced was - how to replicate the experience of going through racks in a retail store into an online setup!?

When you add to that the benefit of an online store having 10’s and 100’s thousands of items per category, you end up with a buying journey that’s very hard to manage and results in a poor experience.

After spending years trying to solve these issues with internal resources, the strain on their budget and time was getting so big it was becoming a real distraction to the core business. That’s when they came across Miros.

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Putting only relevant products in front of our customers has resulted in Miros having higher conversion than our site search.

CEO of Swap

Gray King


Unmatched experience

What they found in Miros wasn’t just a superior buying experience to provide for their customers. They were able to find a partner with a vision for the future of the ecommerce industry and dedicated R&D resources they could never afford themselves.

By giving their shoppers the ability to narrow down a 200.000 item selection to a few dozen highly relevant and exciting products, they were able to provide an experience closest to a real store, while finally driving their profitability up.

They eventually found Miros’ Wordless Search solution as one of the most powerful drivers for their business and customer experience.


From the moment Miros was live on the site, Swap’s customers started finding Wordless Search a superior way to shop for products, which reflected in their positive response and higher levels of engagement and revenue.

Very shortly, Swap.com saw a +4.7% increase in conversion rate, an 8% increase in AOV and a 10% uplift of GMV. Across the split test, customers experiencing the buying journey through Miros brought in 2.6x more revenue per user, compared to the control group.

With the ability to put exactly the right product in front of exactly the right customer, in 60 seconds or less, the company eventually started driving more revenue from Wordless Search than the traditional text search available on the website.


Wordless Search

What is it?

Just like the name suggests:

Search without using a single word.

Buying visually complex items like fashion, clothes, footwear, furniture, art, design pieces, decor… is a function of style and beauty, not features. So why do we keep making our shoppers buy these like they’re buying a book or a laptop?

Wordless Search is an AI technology that relies on shopper behavior. It recognizes browsing patterns based on which it mirrors the buying intent your shopper has, without them having to input a single word. It gives off the impression that their minds are being read.

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