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Miros Retail Insights: How Regular People Buy Online

Our new online shopping research reveals shoppers' biggest challenges. Learn how Miros.ai's AI-powered solutions can help retailers transform product discovery and shopping experience.

In the ecommerce world, it’s a race against time. Customers either find what they’re after quickly and make a purchase, or they get frustrated and leave. Our latest research delves into the challenges and gaps in today’s online shopping experience. The need for smarter, more intuitive product discovery solutions is glaringly evident. And it’s not just about making users happy; it’s also about boosting business performance.

Online Shopping

The Search Struggle Is Real

One user said, “It’s like a maze. I can’t find what I’m picturing in my mind.” Another added, “I typed ‘black boots’ and got everything from sandals to winter coats.” The problem is more than just annoying; it’s a significant barrier. Search results often don’t align with user expectations, leading to frustration and, ultimately, lost sales. On top of that, language can be a stumbling block, especially for users who aren’t fluent in the website’s primary language.

Insight: 83% of users reported difficulty finding products that match their specific requirements.

Fun Fact: Consider this—our brains have been processing images for millions of years, while written language has only existed for about 10,000 years. It makes you wonder why we still rely so much on text, doesn’t it?

The Importance of Filters

“Filters are my go-to,” one user said. Another was blunt: “Bad filters? I’m out. Simple as that.” Filters are supposed to streamline the shopping experience by narrowing down options. But sometimes, they add to the chaos, showing irrelevant products or being too complicated to use effectively. This could be due to poor tagging or categorization on the website’s end.

Insight: At least 67% of users faced challenges with filtering options, either finding them ineffective or lacking specificity.

Fun Fact:  Did you know the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text? That’s like comparing the speed of a Ferrari to a snail!

Personalization and Recommendations

“I subscribe to newsletters mostly,” one user noted. Another shared, “When a site remembers my preferences, it feels like they get me.” Personalization triggers the release of dopamine, a feel-good neurotransmitter, making the shopping experience more enjoyable. But what about those homepage banners? Users find them hit or miss. They like banners that show real people, not just models. They also want better personalization.

Users expressed that they would like more advanced AI-driven recommendations that understand their shopping behavior over time, not just one-off purchases.

Insight: 50% mentioned that recommendations often lack personalization and don’t offer products aligned with individual preferences.

Additional Findings

While our core focus is visual search and product discovery, our research unearthed other noteworthy pain points. These may not be directly related to Miros.ai’s offerings, but they’re crucial for a comprehensive understanding of the user experience.

Payment Issues: About 83% of users mentioned difficulties with the payment process, citing issues like confusing UI or payment failures.

Delivery Dilemmas: Around 67% of users expressed concerns about delivery times and the lack of real-time tracking features.

Product Details: Approximately 50% of users wished for more detailed product descriptions and better-quality images to aid in their decision-making process.

Technical Glitches: 50% of users reported experiencing technical issues like slow loading times or app crashes, which severely hampered their shopping experience.

These additional findings indicate that while product discovery is a significant hurdle, other areas of the online shopping experience also require attention.

Final Word on Online Shopping

The current state of online shopping leaves much to be desired, particularly in the realms of search and filtering. This is where Miros.ai steps in. Our award-winning, AI-driven solutions are engineered to tackle these very challenges, making us an ideal partner for any forward-thinking retailer. With our visual search technology, we’re eliminating the guesswork from online shopping, transforming it from a chore into a delight.

Want to improve your online shopping experience? Keep an eye out for more insights and solutions from us.

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