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What is a visual search pattern and how can I use it to increase revenue?

What is a Visual Search Pattern, and how you can use AI-based visual search to Increase the revenue of your ecommerce business.

Let’s say you own an online fashion store. You have awesome clothes to sell. Your shoppers have the money and the need to buy those awesome clothes. So far, so good!

But still, likely, at least 50% of your shoppers don’t buy anything while browsing your website. Even though you do have the products they want, the bounce rates are high.

So, what’s wrong?

The problem is text-based search.

Text-based search is slow and not good at quickly finding the product you have in mind. It relies on keywords, metadata, on-site SEO, and all those other boring technical stuff that nobody cares about.

Modern shoppers want to get a product as soon as possible. If they can’t find it on your website in 60 seconds, they’ll try to find it elsewhere.

Enter AI-based visual search.

Visual search is currently disrupting the ecommerce industry through new and innovative ways to improve customer satisfaction. It does that through a better buying experience with the power of Wordless Search and visual search pattern technology.

What is Visual Search Pattern and How Does Visual Search Work?

Visual image search is when AI recognizes what is in the photo and then uses that information to search for an item based on its visual appearance. It can be used to find similar items in online stores or to identify objects within photographs.

Imagine you’re in a huge fashion store with thousands of clothing pieces, trying to find a specific dress. Instead of physically checking out each dress to see if it’s the one you want, you simply show the dress photo to the fashion store worker, and they get you the dress you want in under a minute.

This is the essence of how visual search pattern tech works and why online retailers must not ignore this technology.

In ecommerce, it works like this: the shoppers think of images instead of typing words to search for what they want. The AI system identifies key image features based on the customer browsing behavior, matches them to relevant products in the inventory, and returns only relevant products in the results.

This seamless process significantly improves search accuracy and speeds up the customer’s journey to finding the perfect item — a great and easy way to boost customer satisfaction and your sales.

Steps to Implement Visual Search Pattern Tech Into Your Ecommerce

Step 1: Optimize Image Quality and Metadata

You first need to prepare your platform for the use of visual search tools by:

  • Having High-Quality Images – Ensure that your product photos are high quality so AI can properly read and extract features for pattern matching.
  • Taking Care of Metadata – Actually, there’s no need for boring metadata tasks. Just read on, and you’ll learn why.
  • Having Consistent Image Formatting – Be sure image formatting is the same across your product catalog. This includes aspect ratio, background, and lighting. Consistency helps the AI system better understand and analyze the images.

Step 2: Integrate a Robust AI-Powered Visual Search like Miros.ai

Miros.ai is an easy-to-integrate Wordless Search solution based on visual AI. The AI recognizes the buying intent of your shopper through their browsing behavior and shows a whole wall of relevant products in under 60 seconds.

visual search pattern

It feels like mind reading but in a good way, like having your personal shopping assistant who is your best friend and knows your style and taste.

There is no need for cookies to tackle personalization, complex metadata tasks, or the use of filters. Just photos and AI. It’s like TikTok but for shopping!

You can check out how it works in this short demo:

Big online stores use Miros to boost their sales and quickly improve KPIs. For example, Momox Fashion increased its GMV by 19%, AOV by 11%, and ARPU by 10%. 

Do you want to see boosts in YOUR online sales?

Try Miros! Book a quick demo with the Miros team and learn all the benefits of visual search pattern tech and AI-based visual search search.

Wordless Search

What is it?

Just like the name suggests:

Search without using a single word.

Buying visually complex items like fashion, clothes, footwear, furniture, art, design pieces, decor… is a function of style and beauty, not features. So why do we keep making our shoppers buy these like they’re buying a book or a laptop?

Wordless Search is an AI technology that relies on shopper behavior. It recognizes browsing patterns based on which it mirrors the buying intent your shopper has, without them having to input a single word. It gives off the impression that their minds are being read.

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