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Wordless Search Technology: Novel Search Infrastructure Powering Global Retailers

Wordless Search Technology

Fact No. 1: Your shoppers aren’t buying as much as they want to via your online store, resulting in lost sales. 

Fact No. 2: Wordless Search infrastructure can help you solve this problem quickly. Learn how.  

If you run an e-commerce platform, you probably know that it isn’t reaching its full conversion potential. And the potential of the e-commerce industry is enormous. According to a recent report by ResearchAndMarkets.com, the global e-commerce market size is expected to reach US$ 47.73 Trillion by 2030.

Global Ecommerce Payment Matket

As you can see, the future of online retail looks very bright. Almost 50 trillion times brighter than we could imagine some 10 years ago.

Still, certain issues have been causing some e-commerce businesses to stagnate rather than catch the full swing the industry is currently in. Oberlo reports that the average bounce rate across online retail is 50%, meaning every other shopper leaves a website without purchasing. 

Bounce rate vs Device category

The average e-commerce website conversion rate is also unexpectedly suboptimal, going as low as 2% in 2024

The problem? 

Traditional search methods based on keywords and product tags are slow, inefficient, and not shopper-friendly. The way modern consumers shop online has changed, including their shopping journey expectations, making the use of AI-powered e-commerce tools a necessity rather than a convenience.  

Luckily, there’s a quick and solid fix in the form of Wordless Search based on visual AI technology that is currently on its mission to enable e-commerce to reach the US$47.73 trillion mark much sooner than 2030.

What is Wordless Search?

Wordless search is a groundbreaking method for visually-driven product discovery, combining Visual AI with advanced product search technology. It analyzes shopper behavior to deliver the products the shopper actually wants to buy and tailor a personalized product feed for each consumer, mimicking their thought process in real-time.

Unlike traditional product search mechanisms that rely only on text-based search, Wordless Search analyzes visual data found in product images and assigns nuanced attributes to each item. This enables it to accurately predict and display relevant products throughout the shopper’s browsing session.

Wordless Search revolutionizes online shopping by:

The Power of Wordless Search Infrastructure Based on Customer  Behavior Data 

Customer behavior data and AI are the backbone of Miros.ai’s Wordless Search technology, providing valuable insights into consumer behavior. 

By analyzing interactions, browsing history, and purchase patterns, this wordless search tool  deeply understands what drives your shoppers’ preferences and desires, allowing you to:

  • Tailor your offerings
  • Personalize recommendations
  • Anticipate future trends


Emily, an avid home chef with a cooking podcast, regularly uses Miros’ Wordless Search tool to find adequate dresses for her shooting sessions that go well with her kitchen environment. Through her interactions with the app, Miros.ai learns that she prefers colorful yet sleek, modern designs. As a result, Emily always receives curated and relevant product recommendations that align with her tastes and needs. 

How Miros’ Wordless Search Enhances the Shopping Journey

Imagine this: you’re scrolling through social media and come across a stunning outfit that you just have to have. Instead of trying to describe it in a search bar, you simply snap a picture and upload it to an online shop that offers the Miros Wordless Search option. 

Within seconds, you’re presented with a range of similar options from various retailers, making it easy to find the perfect match.

Or, if you don’t have a product photo ready, you can simply do one quick text-based search and keep tapping the products that resemble the one you’re looking for. In just a couple of taps and about 30 seconds later, you’ll get to the exact product you had in mind.  


Let’s again take Emily, our chef with a cool cooking podcast. For her next episode, she wants to get that recognizable dress that women (and some men) like to wear during beer festivals in Europe. She doesn’t know that the dress is called “Dirndl,” after a couple of failed text-based search attempts, she abandons this idea and gets another kind of dress. 

Now let’s take a look at what would happen if she had the Miros wordless search option:

Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

The Mechanism Behind Miros.ai

At the heart of wordless search technology lies advanced visual AI. Miros’ AI-powered algorithms analyze images with precision, continually learning and improving with each interaction. 

By understanding the visual nuances of products, Miros.ai can deliver highly accurate and relevant search results tailored to individual preferences.

It doesn’t rely only on keywords like other conventional search methods. Instead, it uses advanced visual AI for wordless search that allows your shoppers to have a Pinterest-like shopping experience and get to the products they had in mind in mere seconds. 

It works like this:

  1. The shopper inputs one text-based search query 
  2. Taps on a couple of images that match their intent
  3. Miros.ai then accurately interprets the product images and delivers relevant results 

Watch the video below to see how Miros.ai boosts e-commerce search accuracy and speed:

Dominate E-Commerce with Miros’ Wordless Search Infrastructure

Miros’ wordless search technology is reshaping the e-commerce landscape, offering retailers and consumers alike a more efficient and personalized shopping experience. Online retailers can now harness the full potential of visual search to:

  • Drive sales
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Stay ahead of the competition 

By embracing the innovation and leveraging the power of visual AI search infrastructure provided by Miros.ai, you’ll be able to thrive in today’s digital marketplace and provide the best shopping journey to your customers.

This e-commerce visual search and product discovery tool now offers an entire set of e-commerce solutions based on consumer behavior, unlike other similar tools that tend to provide just a fraction of Miros’ infrastructure capabilities. 

Miros.ai’s infrastructure consists of the following components: 

Wordless Search

Wordless Search

Help shoppers find items quickly and easily, enhancing the shopping experience without relying only on text-based search. Click and scroll through visually similar items to get increasingly relevant results in 30-60 seconds.

Discovery Bar

Discovery bar

Enable searching with any word and get highly relevant results instantly. Our AI tags products with all relevant keywords, ensuring accurate results regardless of language or slang.

Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search

Allow customers to upload images for a search experience beyond words. Our Visual AI analyzes images, allowing shoppers to refine results with text and ensure precise matches.

Shop The Look

Shop The Look

Use our tagless discovery engine and cross-category style recommendations on product pages to inspire complete looks and increase basket sizes. 

Inline Recommendations

Inline Recommendations

Provide highly relevant product suggestions on Product Detail Pages using Wordless Search technology, enhancing the browsing experience and promoting additional purchases.

Style Collections

Create themed collections based on trends and seasons effortlessly. Our AI tags products with relevant keywords can automate the creation of themed collections like Halloween or Christmas.

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Wordless Search

What is it?

Just like the name suggests:

Search without using a single word.

Buying visually complex items like fashion, clothes, footwear, furniture, art, design pieces, decor… is a function of style and beauty, not features. So why do we keep making our shoppers buy these like they’re buying a book or a laptop?

Wordless Search is an AI technology that relies on shopper behavior. It recognizes browsing patterns based on which it mirrors the buying intent your shopper has, without them having to input a single word. It gives off the impression that their minds are being read.

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