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The Power of AI: How to use AI in the fashion industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) transforms the fashion industry in many ways, from predicting trends to personalizing the shopping experience. In this article, we’ll explore how AI is being used to improve retail fashion, apparel design, and customer personalization.


What is fashion merchandising?

Fashion merchandising is important in ecommerce as it helps shoppers find the products they want and create a great shopping experience.

AI is democratizing smart merchandising by making it possible for every brand.


3 ways customer experience can boost your ecommerce ROI

Ecommerce is booming, but it’s not easy to be profitable. With high marketing costs, low margins, and competition from Amazon, retailers must focus on delivering a great customer experience.

Here are three ways to boost your ecommerce ROI with customer experience!

Wordless Search

What is it?

Just like the name suggests:

Search without using a single word.

Buying visually complex items like fashion, clothes, footwear, furniture, art, design pieces, decor… is a function of style and beauty, not features. So why do we keep making our shoppers buy these like they’re buying a book or a laptop?

Wordless Search is an AI technology that relies on shopper behavior. It recognizes browsing patterns based on which it mirrors the buying intent your shopper has, without them having to input a single word. It gives off the impression that their minds are being read.

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